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Sheffield Swampfrogs are looking for a sponsor for the 2020-21 season. 

Head Coach  Tyler Nixon,    Assistants  Jeff Colton,  Sam Colton & Sam Renshaw

Manager James O'Mara,   Assistant Lee Tyler


Sheffield Swampfrogs are delighted to announce their 2020-21 season team sponsors Pro Seal Smith Roofing Ltd.


Sheffield Swampfrogs is our development team who comprises of a combination of under 11s and eligible under 9s on the first steps onto full ice games.. The passion and excitement of "Swampies" is as exciting for the players as it is for the parents as they see their players step out onto the first steps of stardom.   As we say "Once a Swampie always a Swampie"....  Thank you to Kerrie Wood and the family from Pro-seal Smith for agreeing to sponsor our young team.


Thank you for your Support!!


If you are interested in sponsoring Sheffield Ice Hockey Academy next season we have many different packages available including NIHL Player Sponsors, Scimitars Own and Loan Shirts & Individual Junior team sponsors.

Please contact for more information and discuss the packages available.