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Sheffield Thunder U11s

Head Coach  Richard Dancer,    Assistants  Lee Brown & Jeff Colton

Manager Sharon Brown,   Assistant Suzanne Shearer-Dixon

Sheffield Lancers U18s are looking for a sponsor for the 2020-21 season. 

If your company is able to help one of the UK’s largest and most successful academy continue to support kids, A number of our teams are looking for an Individual Team Sponsor £500 

Price includes company name on the warm up Tee-shirts 
Company name mentioned on Social media posts relating to the team on (Facebook & Website) on
Advert in the monthly Academy magazine which will be sold at all junior and senior games which would advertise you company for the north of England as well as Tournaments.

If interested in supporting the Sheffield Thunder players, please contact


If you are interested in sponsoring Sheffield Ice Hockey Academy next season we have many different packages available including NIHL Player Sponsors, Scimitars Own and Loan Shirts & Individual Junior team sponsors.

Please contact for more information and discuss the packages available.